i have recon…………….. almost

6 04 2008

my best halo 3 pic everToday i took a marvoulise ppicture of griffball. It is so cool in 4 hours it already has 83 downloads. WOW well here is a picture of it if you have xbox live send this to all your friends her is the ;ink to my gamertag on bungie http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=melee%20monkey  Then here is the picture


my new master chief actiopn figure came

19 03 2008

img_1260.jpgmy new master chief actiopn figure came

img_1269.jpgBut i had a little trouble

img_1256.jpgwith the group photo,

img_1268.jpgso took another

img_1263.jpgand he achived his life long dream a picture of danger mouse

Halo 3 has no amnimlas

25 02 2008

Why does halo 3 have no animals. Come on there is gatta be some dog, cat, liger still alive out there.  Like a rescue dog. Mabey even under dog. Dun dun dun. Well the reason they do this isi because they want it to take place in the future. Come on (again) how do they know there is no dogs in the future Come on (again Again) how come there cant be any dog + again=

dog1.jpgi think his kids will be dogs to keep barking here is he beforedog1.jpg now here he is afterdog1-copy.jpg. (This is my wordt phoot shop ever lol).

All im trying to say is that dogs should be in halo forever mabe just mabey master chief is a dog? dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cough dun

16 02 2008

sshalo301lg-copy.jpgThe jackson 4

14 02 2008

flamingrecon1.jpgMy new valentines photo

They came out with halo 3 sneakers

8 02 2008
http://news.filefront.com/adidas-releases-halo-3-limited-edition-sneakers/ This is the link to view the halo 3 sneakers there pretty cool cant see master chief in them but there wierd collors and sort of ugly lol.

Grab Opening at 7pm EST Tonight « Official GeeVee Blog

31 01 2008

Grab Opening at 7pm EST Tonight « Official GeeVee Blog