Jail breaking ipod touch

]ipodI just jail brocken my ipod touch i will make a c=video about how to do this. If u install the files that say not to you will have some problems with it. This will work on the iphone to. I recomend you do the jail break on the ipod touch and not your pool. The first thing you have to do is make sure your ipod touch/ iphone is version 1.1.1 if yours is 1.1.2 you need to down grade it with a website. Click this link for the downgrade download http://www.megaupload.com/d?=V7HX2QQ . After you have downloaded the dsowngrade file go to itunes. Then restore your ipod, but for this to work your ipod will be restored so you have to put all the stuff that you had on your ipod back on. So what u do is hold down shift then click restore. That will let you choose aa file then select the downgrade file. After that it will take a while for your ipod to downgrade.  Ok ste 2 Then you will unplug your ipod from your computer. then go on sifari on the ipod touch/ iphone. Then go to the url. www.jailbreakme.com .Then read all of the terms be carefull this may damage your ipod touch/ iphone so dont blame it on them or apple. I sugggest you do not go to apple if help please contact me or app snap.  I can help. Then go to the bottom of the page and click downlod. After it will do itsa thing. Then go into installer and got to souces  and this source right here:markmon.mine.nu:90/iphone/repo/repo.plist But first to add the soucre you got to go to the uper right hand corner and clicke edit then go to the left and click add then type in the source. This source will give everything you need. Then click your home buttin the go to your installer again. After go to install and click on the item you want and then install if i shows you install in red then u really shouldnt install it unless you really need it. I asuggest to instal Custamize not the old one but just customize. That is all i will be posting a video soon. 

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2 01 2008

hi, I have a 1.1.2 version of the iPod touch and I tried to go to the website to downgrade it but it says that that webpage was not found. If you found please help me I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

3 01 2008

Ok here is a nother website that mite help and your ipod touch/ iphone is 1.1.2 this is the downgrade link http://www.touchdev.net/wiki/Decrypt_Firmware
This is only for the ipod touch. Warning if u use this downgrade on the iphone could ruine ipod touch only

7 01 2008
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7 01 2008
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7 01 2008
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8 01 2008

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10 01 2008

Hi i was just wondering is it possible to un break it once it has been broken ?
and i am fairly new to this whole thing so things i should watch out for and incase my pod does get bricked what do i do ? thanks !

13 01 2008

ok u should plug it into your computer and restore it

19 02 2008

heyy is it possible to downgrade an iPod touch 1.1.3?
and if so is it completely safe to jail break?
yourr help would be awesome dude

2 06 2008

so u sayin tht under no circumstances tht an i touch can get completely messed up coz of jailbreaking?..i knw a few a frnd who used zipphone to jailbreak and it gave some wierd stuff in the beginning..as in, it was conked!..so he cant do anything now?

17 06 2008

I have no idea how to do this whole thing
I just have an 8g iPod touch
what do I do????????
do I have to downgrade it???
is the whole thing really worth it??

18 06 2008

I rcomend not to downgrade it in the end it is really not worth it up above tells u everything but i recomend not downgrading it unless you wanna not use your ipod for ever.

2 03 2009
Andrew O

ok, the ipod touch has been jacked because of this jail breaking program. It will no longer turn on or respond to being hooked up to itunes. Thoughts on this?

14 04 2009

can you restore your Ipod touch if it is ruined?

can you still add music and video’s in the way of itunes?

14 04 2009

does this way of jailbreaking also work with th ipod 2g??

5 06 2009

I have just jailbreaked my ipod, but it got stuck on the apple and it wont advance, i left it on all night to see if it worked after certain hours but it didnt I just used quickpwn and after i saw it didnt work i kept searching which other ones…i came to redsn0w and it said that the DFU was like stuck or something…i want to restore it but it wont appear on itunes!! plz help i dont know what to do!! i dont know what i did wrong

24 09 2009
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