Recording Games

He this is melee monkey again not mlee monkey. I am going to show you how to record your video games on your favorite consel then get them on your computer.

Step. 1.= Buy eather a hyper cam whick is the cheapist. Buy a $150 dvd recorder player. Or get it for free which just relased a while ago This here is a free place where it is  only for halo 3 and you must have xbox live.

I recomend if you have xbox live to use gee vee.

The other 2 are incase you dont have xbox live and if you ever wana make halo3 music videos go ahead us Gee vee.

Now if you are using the devd player recorder then you 1st. need to plug your xbox into it. Then get dvd ram  put it into the dvd reader then record your h3 games. Finnaly you must get a dvd ram reader in your computer then it will be on your computer


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