i have recon…………….. almost

6 04 2008

my best halo 3 pic everToday i took a marvoulise ppicture of griffball. It is so cool in 4 hours it already has 83 downloads. WOW well here is a picture of it if you have xbox live send this to all your friends her is the ;ink to my gamertag on bungie http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=melee%20monkey  Then here is the picture

my new master chief actiopn figure came

19 03 2008

img_1260.jpgmy new master chief actiopn figure came

img_1269.jpgBut i had a little trouble

img_1256.jpgwith the group photo,

img_1268.jpgso took another

img_1263.jpgand he achived his life long dream a picture of danger mouse

Thomas the wraith made by coolor13

16 02 2008

thomas_the_wraith.jpgThomas the wraith not made by me

14 02 2008

warthogbsmall_edited-1.jpgThe master chief babies are here

14 02 2008

flamingrecon1.jpgMy new valentines photo

Halo wars is coming

7 02 2008

Guess what halo wars is commin halo wars is going to be a comand in concure type game or a batllle field 2 type of game.

Here are some pictures of halo wars






23 12 2007

bWelcome to my blog. I will be making a blog. About halo or photo shop or even funny videos. If you have any ideas for videos send me a message. If you want me to photoshop a picture for you send me the picture and tell me what you want me to do. I hope you enjoy. My xbox live gamertag is melee monkey.