Halo 3-Paralyzer :)

17 05 2008

Here is a movie of my music video that i made


Aplles app store

6 05 2008

LAst month i watched a video. Down below. It tells you that apple sometime in august they will be realising the app sstore. It does not tell you this but i figured out by going to the mac store. They will let you buy games 3rd party apps. They will also let you add new email accounts and many more watch the video down below to find out



Has your ipod touch been having problems while jailbreaking?

7 01 2008

Has your ipod touch been having problems while jailbreaking? Well mine has once and i thought it was going to be broken forever. It did this because i downloaded files that the installer is not firmiler with. So there are two soultions. The first one is to Let your battery run out, or you can plug it into your computer and on itunes click the restore button. It may delete all your apps but man it works. Besides you can get the apps back latter from the installer.