My halo 3 clan

4 01 2008

kHere is a pic of my clan



3 responses

11 01 2008

This is an alliance offer from “The Legendary Army”. If accepted please mail us. If denied just let us know in the guestbook area.

11 06 2008

we of the WarMachineZ will gladly accept your alliance
we are looking for new members aswell. we only request that you share your players.
for example. if we need a 4th player for match making. they are to change there emblem to ours and play with us. that is all.
our website is
or the Co-leaders website
add my co-leader CrasH20211
and tell him that your clan will be in alliance with ours from the order of HimM … and if you could.. tell him to check my website for new updates.. i dont think he has updated his website in a while..

10 07 2008

if you are interested, i would like you to check out my clan website, its in the construction stage. I would much appreaciate if you would tell your friends to visit my clan website ( and leave note, so i can help make my website better

HaloDomain1 Admin

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